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Contributing to the E17 Art Trail & Beyond

The past few weeks have been quite busy but very interesting. In the background to my usual work, I’ve been applying my creative side by working on putting together an audio/video piece for Mbilla Arts on the E17 Art Trail. Presented on the 17th (closing weekend of the Art Trail), there will also be a performance by our musicians in the courtyard.

As for the piece, I’ve created a montage of photos and videos taken/recorded in The Gambia, featuring the sights and sounds of daily life. (The video also includes a call to prayer, as some of these were recorded during Ramadan.) I wanted to make sure I did the piece justice and made sure I was inspired purely by the source material, and that was reflected in the audio.

As for the audio, it features ambiance recorded by Seneke, the audio from the videos, and ultimately a rhythmic soundscape I designed, inspired by West Africa, and comprised of samples from the recordings.

Speaking of the Art Trail, it was fun to be there during the launch night, featuring many local musicians – an atmosphere that I was quite happy to be a part of. I feel this helped me understand how these events are structured and planned out – as well as how they ultimately go in practice.

I’m very happy I’ve been able to help out on my workplace in an array of ways – just yesterday I helped Seneke out at a local school for a workshop, and it was great fun to participate and see the kids enjoy the session and experience. Very fun to be the one keeping the bass rhythm going! (I’ve also realised how a call & response works out in a session of 10 or so kids haha).

Last week I went on an art walk exploring a few sites of the E17 art trail and it was very inspiring to see the great sorts of people in the borough, not least the art people have created, but also those facilitating the artists – whether they be schoolchildren, college or university students – the area is full of creative and passionate individuals. It’s great to be a part of that community of arts organisations in the borough.


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