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In full Swing!

This past week has been great, and certainly challenging. As we continue the summer activity programme and approach September, it has been a busy time for me, assisting with drumming and working even more with the organisational aspects of the job. I feel I have been improving my knowledge and experience because of this, and I’m quite glad, despite it being quite tough!

It has been very fun though! Learning rhythms and being part of the good vibes and fun that Seneke brings in his workshops that are enjoyable for all ages has really made me happy. The kids and parents certainly enjoyed them too. I will be back to more office-based stuff next week but I’m glad I was able to experience so much drumming and work beyond the office this August. Travelling around the borough and seeing so many people getting out there and enjoying themselves just made it feel like a much better Summer this year. A highlight would certainly be the Leytonstone festival last Saturday in which we held a performance and two drumming workshops inside the church! It may have been raining outside but we made the most of it and all enjoyed ourselves.


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