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New Faces, Health & Wellbeing

Recently a couple of new recruits (Harry & J Rock) have joined the team through the same Kickstart programme I’m working on. As assistant musicians, they have been helping Seneke with delivering workshops and events already - they’ve been great!

Attending a few sessions with them and Seneke, I’ve already seen their progress and how they’ve hit the ground running in the role. We’ve recently begun working on a programme with the NHS, delivering drumming workshops for staff Health & Wellbeing, and it’s looking like quite a positive rest of the month. I’m starting to feel comfortable in the role in the sense that I know what it is I do and what I am a part of. With Harry and J Rock working with Seneke, I’ve been focussed even more so on the management side of things at Mbilla Arts.

What has also been on my mind is what comes next, moving through autumn and eventually beyond into winter. Working at Mbilla Arts has helped with opening my mind to the potential of working within the arts and with local areas. I’m looking towards what the council have been up to with the Fellowship Square regeneration for example, and I, as an artist, have been wondering what more could be done creatively. Engagement with the community is key and very important, and it’s exciting to imagine the potential – especially acknowledging what has already been achieved this year alone!


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